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Corporate training

Corporate team building and leadership activities

Motivation, Ability and Skills are the three elements of performance. While corporate team building activities target the motivation and communication skills, training programs are designed to improve managerial skills: leadership activities and games, negotiation, sales and presentation, time management, performance management, strategy and other. We also have programs designed to improve motivation and self-development. Our internationally certified coaches and professors from top UAE universities along with industry consultants deliver corporate trainings and workshops to all levels from junior management and sales staff to top management level.

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While team building targets the increase in performance of the team and improvement in work environment, Training sessions are designed to improve individual managerial and professional skills.

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Our motivational speakers deliver group seminars on motivation, personal development, and happiness. Happiness management is becoming more and more popular as employer’s realize that company performance and financial success directly linked to happiness of their employees.

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We organize professional courses and issue certificates on:

  • First aid responsnter;
  • Rescue procedures;
  • Water safety and life guard courses;
  • Swimming lessons and training

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Corporate outdoor team building activities in Abu Dhabi. ✓ Over 700 happy clients ✓ Over 5 years experience servicing UAE ✓ Diverse team

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Here are some of our services:

Workshops are designed to target specific practical skills. Professional Trainers and coaches can tailor make the programs for customer requirements or offer popular generic topics that can be useful for all levels of managers and specialists across different industries.

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We offer a wide range of speakers, industry professionals and motivational speakers, who can deliver seminars on various topics for corporate clients and groups of individuals.

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To achieve better results our consultants need to work closely and understand the business model and organization structure better. It starts with full analytics of the existing situation and identifying key issues and problems.

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