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Team building

Team building activities and services in UAE

We deliver engaging team building services for indoor and outdoor in UAE. Activities are designed to target communication, cooperation, and trust and improve relationship between the participants. We create not only fun environment during the event itself, but create great team building ideas, memories and encourage communication sharing of their experience and memories after the event to create long lasting effect. There is a very big number of team building activities and ideas that can be combined into several groups of high energy activities, low energy activities, conservative activities (suitable for traditional Arabic customers), brain games, build-it-yourself and more.

In this section you can find different ideas for activities that you can implement yourself with your staff. However it is always better to bring in an outsider for more efficient results.

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Team Building is the term that relates to the process of making a group of individuals or colleagues at a work place become a TEAM that can synergies individual characteristics of each member and work more effectively on any task.

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  • Work together

    Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.

  • Archery

    Archery is a great way to engage team members and develop individual survival skills. It is a popular option for a small and medium team to spend time together. Fun, active and exciting!

Here are some of our services:

  • Archery
  • Beach Basketball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Caber toss
  • Tug-of-War
  • Beach Football
  • Kayaking
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  • Maze Craze
  • Mine Field
  • Plank Walk
  • Caterpillar Traverse
  • Radiation ball
  • Roller board
  • Toxic Wastes
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  • Raft building
  • Big picture
  • Cardboard boat regatta
  • Formula 1 build and race
  • Bridge building
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  • Spy game
  • Crime scene investigation
  • 6 seal treasure hunt
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  • Elephant ring
  • Maze board
  • Puzzle games
  • Body language
  • Pyramid cups
  • Body Rap
  • Dizzy mummy
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It's a great activity to do on the beach side. Team member need to coordinate and cooperate to design, build and then race in the sea a raft made from barrels and bamboo. It's fun, competitive, and requires strategic thinking.

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Either on the beach or in the pool team need to build a boat using recycled carton, tape and plastic sheet, make sure it floats! Then brand it and decorate with racing stickers, and then race them in the water with other teams! It’s a great fun and allows almost unlimited number of participants.

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Teams need to design, build and then race an F1 car. Instructions and design tips are provided, but teams are encouraged to use their imagination when building their bolides’ exteriors. Enhances communication and cooperation within the team as well as delegation and trust.

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Low energy activity, works really well for big groups, starting from 60 participants. The group is divided into many small teams who get assignment to build a section of a bridge. Teams need to coordinate their efforts, to make sure, the sections will match.

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Boost your team spirit!

We deliver high quality customized Team Building activities and corporate trainings for all managerial levels.

Teamwork is a vital element for any organization. Employees’ engagement and cooperation are the key element of a successful business. Team building activities are designed to build trust, improve communication and establish good working environment in organizations. They also help improve motivation of the staff while they are having fun with colleagues from work. It is highly recommended for any company to do team outing or team building ideas, activities and sessions at least once a year; large corporations with big number of staff or high employees turn over should do it more often.

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